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Deer Resistant Planting - Guide
     When I first purchased a nursery in northern San Rafael, the Frank Lloyd Wright civic center complex did not exist. There were plenty of deer, but they were not much of a problem. I didn't even have to fence in the nursery. As the surrounding properties were sold, and Terra Linda evolved into a small suburb, along with Marinwood and Santa Venetia, their foraging habits became more concentrated, and they started to sample various landscape "hors d'oeuvre". In trying to work around this challenge, I was quite surprised that there was so little information about deer and their foraging habits.

     It was at this time that I started my research on planting around deer taste buds. The research has been quite successful. The resultant booklet clearly states that nothing is perfect, but does offer many tips in landscaping, including a recipe for a spray that will shoo the deer off your valuable plants, including roses.

     In my many years of research and observations, I have asked landscape architects throughout California, Oregon, and Washington state what their experiences have been. I have asked home owners, landscapers and gardeners for their observations with deer. The results of all of this research is one of the most complete lists of deer resistant plants in existence. The booklet lists over 500 trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, groundcovers, grasses, bulbs, and annuals that are deer resistant. It is not a "table top monster" of a book, but a booklet to stick in your back pocket or purse when you go shopping for landscape plants. It retails for $5.95, including postage and handling. For less than the cost of a one gallon perennial or shrub, you can landscape in deer country and not lose your plants, and have beauty as well.

To Order Deer Resistant Planting - send a check for $5.95 to 130 No. San Pedro Rd. San Rafael, CA 94903 - For questions Email us or call 415-472-6121.